Kinds And Role Of Currencies Used In Covet Fashion Game!


Tons of fashion-based game with entertaining shows are out there and Covet Fashion is one of them. The set includes lots of entertaining fashion tasks in which users need to design a beautiful Avatar. With the help of in-game items and dresses, players can modify or dress up the Avatar. It helps them to enhance their mental as well as fashion designing skills. The game is perfect for both students and adults as it includes fantastic gameplay, advanced features, graphics, and functions.

When it comes to progress in the game faster besides to obtain all items, users need to earn in-game currencies more. Like all other games, Covet Fashion also includes some currencies that contain different benefits. Here we are going to discuss all about Covet Fashion currencies-


It is considered as the first currency used in Covet Fashion game with which many beneficial tasks can be performed. It helps you to buy dress-up material, fashionable items, and other elements. Taking part in various tasks, missions helps you to earn this currency correctly.

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It is the premium currency of the game that helps users to perform superior tasks besides obtaining expensive items. It means you can easily buy costly dress-up material from this currency.


It is considered as the third main currency of Covet Fashion that helps users to participate in different events as well as tournaments. The currency is specially made for players to join various activities, tasks, events, fashion shows as well as missions.

Methods of earning currency

There are both free as well as paid options available for making in-game currency. Some free methods of winning all these currencies are mentioned-

  • Login daily
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Complete tasks
  • Regular bonus
  • Additional rewards and many more

More than these, you can also have a look at covet fashion free diamonds cheats that are diffrent from the ways which are listed above. These covet fashion cheats can let you get free diamonds in the game using no money at all. 

You can have unlimited number of diamonds and other in-game resources of the game without even buying them.