A Complete Currency Guide To Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game!


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a great dressing, fashion, and dream life game. Players need to customize their Avatars from in-game outfits, trends, and style options.

Also, they need to complete various chapters, choose their dream life to live. The game is perfect for those players who need to try a typical fashion and RPG game.

They can easily play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game on Android and iOS devices. There is no need to pay charges for playing the game as users can freely play it on both platforms.

For obtaining pets, cars, home, outfits, styles, and every single item in the game, players need to collect in-game currencies more.

With the help of game tasks, they can earn all currencies besides can purchase it from the in-app purchases feature. Motioned below are all details about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood currencies-

Type of currencies

There are three kinds of currencies used in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game named Cash, Energy, and stars.

  • Cash is considered as standard currency from which clothes, packs, power, and all essentials can be purchased.
  • Energy is the essential currency from which users can enter in all events, tasks, or chapters. In short, with the help of strength/power, they can play all events or episodes smoothly. Without it, they cannot play any challenge or progress.
  • Stars are considered a premium currency of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from which the latest trends, style features, upgrades, and superior items can purchase. Check out the best kim kardashian hollywood hack to get free k stars in the game.

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Methods to earn in game currencies

Here are some of the simplest way to make all currencies wisely-

  • Connect with Facebook
  • Watch free videos
  • Complete tasks, quests, and chapters more
  • Buy currencies from the app store
  • Invite friends to play the game
  • Gain more points as well as fame

However, to earn even more currencies frequently in the game, the website here have mentioned all the point to point guides on how to earn free k stars legally. Make sure to check that out too.